Grief Resources

Adult Resources

The Empty Chair
The Journey of Grief After Suicide
Beryl Glover

When a loved one commits suicide, the reaction to the sudden and final act can sometimes delay the healthy grieving process. This book offers guidance for each emotion and issue that one encounters following a loved one's suicide.

Written by Beryl Glover who is uniquely qualified to speak to grieving individuals on this experience, she lost her brother and her daughter to suicide within weeks of each other. She truly understands the "walk" that faces survivors.

What to do When the Police Leave
A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss
Bill Jenkins

Violent death… the fear and legacy of our society. When a family is plunged into this nightmare, there are very few places to turn for assistance and guidance. This book is filled with simple, frank and useful advice vital to families suffering from traumatic loss.

Bill Jenkin's 16-year-old son was murdered on his second night of work at a restaurant. As one who has been there, he shares expert advice, lists helpful resources, demystifies the legal and medical jargon and offers hope in the midst of tragedy.

Children's Resources

A Child's Book About
Joy Johnson and Earl Grollman

This helpful little book for children 6-8 helps in explaining what happens during and after the funeral process. There are pictures to color and text that a counselor or parent can read with them to answer their questions about these life experiences.

Fire in my Heart, Ice in my Veins
Published by the Centering Corporation
Enid Traisman

A guided journal for teenagers that allows them to write letters, copy meaningful song lyrics, write poems or verses in order to communicate how they feel about their loss. This journal provides a safe and creative outlet for teens to express themselves while working through their own grief.

Lean on me Gently Helping the Grieving Child
Doug Manning

When a death happens in a family, our first thoughts are often of the children. However, we feel at a loss for ways to help children deal with death and with their own feelings. This little book provides answers and assurances for anyone who is concerned about a child in grief. Parents, support groups, teachers and hospices will find this to be a welcome resource.


The journey of grief can be lonely and painful. If you or someone you care about is on that journey there's something tangible you can do to help. Watts Funeral Homes would like to send you loved one a Free CD (or cassette) from our "Growing Through Grief Library." The CD is hosted by Fred Frank and features the insights of real people (not actors) who understand the grief process because they've traveled the road themselves – and survived. These CD's have advice on surviving the early stages of loss and coping with guilt, anger and relief. Listening to these CD's may actually help you "grow" through your grief and rebuild a wonderful new future for yourself.

Mending the Heartache with Faith

Presents a powerful message of encouragement that relies heavily on precepts and promises found in the Bible. It not only gives the Christian listener a refreshing dose of inspiration, it speaks honestly about the reason we cling confidently to the hope of eternal life.

It Hurts to Say Goodbye

Is designed for those struggling though the process of grief without a spiritual frame of reference. While it contains no religious content, it offers heartfelt assurance and advice in an atmosphere of compassion and understanding.