Our Humble Beginnings

It all started with a dream. The year was 1982 and Bill and Margaret Watts had just arrived to Palatka from north west Georgia with their young son Jamie. Bill was 29 years old, Margaret was 26 and Jamie had just turned 4. They had come from Georgia with barely nothing. All they had was a small camper trailer and old van with clothing in it and $150.00 dollars. Bill had worked at a North Georgia funeral home as a funeral director since 1978 and moved to Palatka after the death of his uncle, he felt his aunt did not receive the care she deserved with the passing of her husband. Bill and Margaret knew there had to be a better way, but where would they get the money for such a big project. Bill and Margaret found a small piece of property on SR 20 in Palatka and began to sell vegetables and fruit all the while saving the money to open a funeral home.

Bill and Margaret envisioned a funeral home that would provide exceptional customer service paying attention to every detail, while still providing these services at affordable prices. In December of 1983 that dream was realized, Bill located a small building on Hwy. 17, in San Mateo and opened Watts Funeral Service. In the following year Bill and Margaret served just 33 families, but God blessed the Watts Family and within one year they were able to move from the small building of only 800 sq feet to the current location of over 8000 sq ft. At their new location their business began to grow rapidly, the residents of Putnam County began to say "Finally there is a funeral service provider that cares about the common people, one that will give exceptional service and not charge a fortune for it."

As Watts Funeral Home began to grow, Bill recognized the growing popularity of cremation. In 1988 the  Watts Family installed the first crematory in Putnam County, having their own crematory allowed them to oversee the cremation process and maintain the promise that was made " To care for your loved one as if they where a member of our own family." With the large growth of cremation in the coming years Bill and Margaret install a second crematory in 1995. Also in 1996 Bill purchased a new piece of property north of Watts Funeral Home and installed a pet crematory call Cherished Pets By Watts. The pet crematory is located at a different location and currently performs over twelve hundred cremations a year. In 1999 Bill built a monument manufacturing plant located to the north of Watts Funeral Homes and began to manufacture monuments. The monument manufacturing plant employs 4 full times employees and installs over six hundred monuments annually.

As the years passed Bill's health began to decline and Bill began to Oversee less of the day to day operations of the funeral home. With the death of Bill in March of 2005 Jamie Watts began to assist Margaret in the day to day operations of the funeral home. Watts Funeral Homs remains the leading choice of families, our facilities serves Over eighteen hundred families annually including overseeing over fourteen hundred cremations.

In January of 2006 Watts Funeral Home got a new name and a new look With the addition of the new name "Watts Funeral Homes" and the new logo. Also in 2006 Watts Funeral Homes launched a brand new website the first and only of its kind in Putnam County allowing family and friends to share memories and condolences of those who have passed away. In January of 2007 Watts Funeral Homes, San Mateo underwent major renovations to bring the facility into the new millennium. Including a new Family Reception Center, a new Celebration of Life Center and a new Video and Audio System.

Watts Funeral Homes prides itself in being The Leader in Funeral Care in Putnam County. We remain on the cutting edge of new ideas and technology all the while still maintaining the promises made over twenty years ago by two young people with nothing but a dream.

"Our Commitment to You"

The Watts Family has lived by this motto since the founding of Watts Funeral Homes in 1983. Bill and Margaret envisioned a funeral home that would provide exceptional customer service paying attention to every detail, while still providing these services at affordable prices.

With the death of Bill Watts in March 2005, this commitment has been further strengthened. Margaret Watts and her son Jamie Watts still live by the promise that was made twenty years ago. The Watts Family understands that times are changing and it is important to change along with them in order to meet the needs and expectations of the families we serve. We remain open minded to new ideas while understanding that every family is different and their needs are just as unique.

The one thing that has not changed is "Our Commitment to You". It remains just as strong as it was when it was made over twenty years ago.