Watts Funeral Homes
San Mateo

720 S. Hwy.17
San Mateo, FL 32187
Phone 386-328-1414
Fax 386-328-1515

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Our founders’ vision was to provide families with the highest quality personal service in Putnam County. They also felt it was important to break tradition as Putnam County was expanding and open their location away from the Palatka area. Therefore, this original location is located in San Mateo. In order to serve all of South Putnam, many families choose cremation today over traditional burial but still want a service.

Most funeral homes in the area use multiple user facilities located in distant industrial parks. The Watts Family realized that to offer its families the level of service that they had come to expect, it would be necessary to build their on-premise facility. To accommodate the wide range of client preferences, the Cremation Tribute Center is located at the original San Mateo campus.